Superior Mark® Mark Freezer Tape | Marking Tape for Freezers

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Type: Freezer Tape, Marking Tape for Freezers
Thickness: 0.81mm
Material: PVC
Adhesive: Pressure-sensitive, recessed adhesive which also holds at -20 ° C
Edges: Beveled for maximum durability against heavy industrial traffic.
Surface: Smooth, shiny, dirt-repellent, and easy to clean.

In the last few years, more and more safety and quality managers of big (inter)national companies have switched to using tape for the lineation of their freezers instead of paint. Applying the paint accurately is a very time-consuming and impractical task. Besides that, using paint does not allow for a lot of flexibility, which could pose a problem if you want to keep your work floor organization up to date. Using tape will help you solve these and many other problems!

Advantages and properties

Before you switch to using our Superior Mark freezer tape, you would probably like to know what advantages that entails. It is, of course, important that the tape meets certain requirements. First of all, the tape needs to be easy to apply, without being too time-consuming.

In addition to that, it is crucial that the tape is resistant to pedestrian traffic and forklifts driving over it. The tape should also be easily cleanable so that the freezer meets the relevant hygiene requirements, and it should obviously be able to withstand temperatures below 0 °C. Believe it or not, our Superior Mark freezer tape meets every single one of these requirements! This is what makes it the ideal solution for companies using Lean and 5s processes to optimize their work floor organization.

Besides all these amazing properties, you also get to decide which tape width is suitable for your purposes. You can choose from a role with a width of 5 cm or 10 cm. The length of the role is always 30 meters. The freezer tape is available in six different colors and you can also decide to get your company logo or a text of your choosing printed on it. What more could you ask for?

Want to give it a go?

If you would like to test if our Superior Mark freezer tape is right for you, you can request a free sample here!

Superior Mark freezer tape is special floor marking tape for cold storage, 30m per roll.

  • Quick installation
  • Withstands heavy forklift traffic
  • Only available in yellow
  • Durable and resistant to sliding with pallets
  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy to remove to change your logistics process
  • Suitable for lean and 5s production and lean and 5s processes


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