Evacuation assembly point E007 – Floor Sign

self-adhesive Evacuation assembly point sign with

  • Evacuation assembly point sign according to ASR A1.3 / DIN EN ISO 7010
  • Extra strong self-adhesive floor sign in highest industrial quality for indoor use
  • Resistant to heavy forklift and industrial traffic
  • Easy and quick installation without drying time and odour nuisance
  • Glossy surface that is stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Easy and residue-free removal without damaging the floor
  • Resistant to sweeping and mopping machines
  • Best suited for Lean and 5S production and Lean and 5S processes
  • Retains its vibrant colours even under heavy use

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Evacuation assembly point sign

The “Evacuation Assembly point” sign in accordance with ASR A1.3/E007 and DIN EN ISO 7010/E007 ensures smooth escape and rescue in hazardous situations. The assembly point serves as a meeting point in case of emergency and it must be clearly marked.

With our floor signs, you can mark danger zones effectively and quickly. The floor signs according to ISO 7010 are available in different materials and sizes.

The Superior Mark® signs consist of several Superior Mark® floor tape strips. The strips are numbered for easy installation. The individual strips have a patented design with an extra strong adhesive layer. The bevelled edges make them easier to drive over and reduce the risk of damage. They retain their radiant color even in heavy traffic. When needed, individual strips can be easily replaced, saving costs and labour time.

The Rubber signs are made of a reinforced urethane backing material and can be easily removed without leaving any residue. The transparent top layer protects against fading and damage. The butyl adhesive layer is suitable for slightly uneven floors.

All floor signs are ideal for high traffic areas, especially areas with heavy forklift traffic and industrial traffic. They can be used for stairs, storage areas, walkways, restricted areas, work areas, loading docks, shop entrances, car parks and more.

They adhere to almost all smooth, solid surfaces indoors and are suitable for various applications, such as warehouses, production halls, hospitals, sports halls, offices, gyms, hotels, airports, workshops, retail shops, wholesale markets, museums and schools.

The surface must be free of dust and grease. The signs can be driven on immediately and can be removed without leaving any residue. If left for a longer period of time or if the floor is unclean, minor adhesive residues may occur which can be removed with a suitable solvent.


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