Emergency Fire Exit sign – Floor Sticker

Self-adhesive safety symbol Emergency Fire Exit sign – Keep Clear – Do not block Floor sticker.

This Emergency Fire Exit floor sign can withstand heavy usage and forklift traffic and is made of top-quality industrial material. A must-have if you are creating a safe work environment for your colleagues.

This emergency exit only signs floor sticker is wise to use because even with heavy smoke from a fire people can still see the emergency exit only signs floor stickers. Emergency Fire Exit signs are always part of an emergency fire exit plan and standard practice in a 5S setup.

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Dimensions 45 × 45 cm

The Emergency Fire Exit sign Floor Sticker is always used in an emergency fire exit plan due to fire exit signs regulations. Most of the time it is combined with fire exit sign lights on the ceiling.


Urethane, woven reinforcement for increased durability.


Verry strong, high-quality glue from the construction world.

Product surface

Smooth, shiny, dirt-repellent, and easy to clean top layer. Scratch Resistant. UV Resistant Stickers. Colors retain for longer than standard safety stickers.

How to install

Quick and easy! Just remove the release liner from the floor sign and apply it on a dust-free surface.

Product diameter

Contact us if you need a different size floor sign sticker. Floor signs are available from Ø 10 cm. up to 55 cm. Is the symbol that you are looking for is not listed here? Please contact us! We can design your own symbol even in your own corporate identity. Without extra charge of course!


White, red

Emergency Exit floor sign guides people towards the emergency exits. It is commonly used in buildings, metro, buses, etc.

Emergency exit signs fire

Emergency Fire Exit sign stickers have indefinite importance when it comes to indicating the best route of escape. Fire exit signs play a significant role in aiding the general public or work staff to a safe exit in an emergency. Evacuating quickly and efficiently could be the difference between life and death. Fire exit signs have the potential to save lives in the event of a fire. Fire exit signs can be applied in numerous places such as industrial environments, stairways, office buildings, and busy public places.

Emergency Fire Exit sign stickers can be used to display the route for evacuation when a fire-related emergency occurs. The Emergency Fire Exit sign is usually strategically placed for the best route to safety, and the best place to use a fire exit sticker would be above or side of a fire door. In the event of a fire or emergency, fire exit stickers play a critical role in advising staff on how to evacuate the building as efficiently and safely as possible.

fire exit sign requirements

Fire Exit signs floor stickers are usually combined with a fire exit sign light. That way people will be directed to safety, even when there is a lot of smoke or when the lights are not functioning.

Can’t find the safety floor sign sticker you are looking for?

We offer a full custom design and print service to design your own floor sign without any extra charge. Contact us with your requirements, and we will be happy to help.


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