Design your own floor marking text tape

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Design your own text tape for floor marking

At Easy Marking we are specialized in developing practical and durable floor marking tape. We offer everything you need to organize your logistics process to perfection. Despite our wide range of products, it is possible that the options on our webshop don’t tick all of your boxes just yet. That is why we want to give you the opportunity to design your own floor tape. You can personalize the text tape in our custom tool by choosing the color and printing. Whether you decide on a unique text or the company logo, we can make it happen!

Durable and flexible

Your personalized floor signage has the same properties as our durable and wear-resistant Superior Mark floor tape. Thanks to the patented adhesive layer, you will have no trouble applying it, and to make it even easier for you, we will deliver the larger symbols in a puzzle cut. This means you will receive multiple smaller pieces of tape, which you can then quickly put together like a puzzle. The puzzle cut is a durable solution that changes the edges of the tape, creating a curved seam that prevents wheels and shoes from catching and peeling back the signage. On top of this, the Superior Mark tape has a high-end, glossy finish, making cleaning it a non-issue. The combination of all of these high-end properties means this tape is highly durable and flexible, making it the ideal solution for companies using Lean and 5s processes to organize their logistical operations.

Superior Mark® features

The texts or logos you design in our custom tool will be printed on Superior Mark floor tape. This tape is fitted with a patented adhesive layer that makes it really easy to apply to your floors. In addition to that, the tape is designed in such a way that it is resistant to pedestrian traffic and forklifts driving over it. No matter what you expose it to, it will not budge. You might think this would be problematic, since we all know logistics is an ever-changing industry. You have to be flexible to keep up with all the latest trends. But don’t worry, our Superior Mark floor tape can be easily removed whenever you want to. As such it is the ideal solution for companies using Lean and 5s processes to optimize their workplace organization.


Do you want to know more about how to design your own floor tape or are you unsure about which tape to choose? Please contact our customer service by sending an email to or calling our help desk at
+31 (0) 229 – 764 004. If you still don’t know what to choose, you can also request a free sample so you can test it yourself.


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