Mercalin TS – Temporary Marking Spray Paint

Mercalin TS temporary marking paint is used for temporary markings, and therefore has limited durability. It is ideal for marking on asphalt, concrete, grass or gravel, eg. Football fields or golf courses. It is often used at events such as marathons and cycling events.

Type: aerosol chalk based
Content: 600 ml aerosol
Durability: 2 to 3 weeks

Price is per box.
10 in a box.

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Mercalin TS – Temporary Marking Spray Paint for concrete and asphalt is used to create temporary marking and striping and has limited durability for approximately two months. This marking spray paint can be used on asphalt, concrete, grass, or gravel at football-, tennis-, and golf courts, and it is also recommended for sports events such as marathons or bicycle races. The Mercalin TS – Temporary Marking Spray Paint comes in 600 ml cans and is sold per 12 cans.


Activity field Events / construction
Application domain temporary marking/roads
Product type Non-fluorescent marking paint
Marking duration 2 months
Volume 600 ml
Packaging Box of 12 cans

Properties Mercalin TS – Temporary Marking Spray Paint

Adhesion excellent
Application on various surfaces Asphalt, bitumen, grass, concrete, sand (for others surfaces; test before use)
Drying time 10 minutes
Usage temperature -20 to 50°C
Marking duration Quick also on damp surfaces.
Visible up to 8 weeks (depending on the surface, the conditions of application, and UV radiation)


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